Published March 24, 2014

Crunches will not get rid of belly fat, but will strengthen abs.

There is nothing like single spot reduction, and in this case, even if you do a lot of crunches, you will not lose your belly. But you will certainly get stronger abs.

The most effective way for rapid fat loss is targeting a lot of muscles working together, compared to exercising a single muscle or muscle group, as the crunches do. A wise combination of aerobic AND weight interval training, where all the body parts work together and  good eating habits are the best route to trimming your body. Unfortunately genetics have the last word.

The other problem is more psychological, you seem to be more interested in losing fat in certain spots, the ones more important to your goals. But the body loses fat as a whole, so don’t be frustrated.

Even if you think you may put those abs exercises in standby, it’s very important to strengthen them. All your daily movements are somehow related to your abs, and having them strong eases any natural movement.

Why do you need strong abs?

Posture: Combined with your back, hips and chest, your abs will help to stabilize your torso to maintain a proper upright position, reducing pressure and strain on your back.

Balance: When your abs stabilize your body, risk of falling down while standing or  walking due to loss of balance is considerably reduced.

Back Pain: Strong abs will reduce strain on your lower back, and help avoid pain.

Fix It Jobs: Any movement requiring bending, standing, lifting something and twisting for any reason will be easier with strong abs.

Physical activity: Any sport requires movements with power originating from the core. Strong abs will increase endurance and also performance.


Rapid Fat Loss is not related to abdominal exercises. But you must include them into your workout routine. Even though they will not melt belly fat, you will get other benfits.