Published April 7, 2014

Basic Calorie counting rules for rapid fat loss

Counting calories is the best rapid fat loss strategy, but most people don’t count their calorie intake because they don’t know how to, think it is difficult or don’t understand why it is necessary to lose weight sustainably.

How many calories do you plan eating today? How many do you need to consume in order to lose 5 pounds or maintain your weight? It’s a question everyone asks and only 9 percent of the American population knows how to answer.

Even though you are eating the proper foods, lots of protein, only good carbs, healthy fats; the secret to succeed in any rapid fat loss goal is not eliminating certain foods, but controlling the portion size. For this purpose, counting calories is an extremely powerful tool, and easy to use every day.

This is how you can master calorie counting:

Determine how many calories you really need. This depends on age, height, weight, gender and how active you are. Your body consumes about 66% of consumed calories to keep itself working; the rest will be to fuel any other activity like working out, thinking, writing, etc.

1.    Determine How Many Calories You Should Eat

The proper intake should be calculated depending on your RMR or “Resting Metabolic Rate”. This calculation is easy:  

o    RMR = Women should multiply weight by ten; men by eleven10. This is your RMR.

o    Add to that twenty percent of your RMR if you are sedentary; thirty percent if you are somewhat active; forty percent if moderately active; or fifty percent if active. The number you get are the calories you need to keep your weight stable.

2.    Count How Many Calories You Actually Eat and Burn

You may track your calories on any web based calorie counter (click here). Track the calories you burn with an exercise log (click here). You can also save yourself five hundred calories per day with these simple tips:

o    Breakfast: Substitute orange juice with water. This will save 117 calories.

o    Snack: Some raw vegetables instead of a bag of chips. It will save 119 calories.

o    Lunch: Use fat free dressing instead of a creamy one. It will save 66 calories.

o    Dessert: Substitute half a cup of ice cream for the same amount of some fresh fruit. It will save 118 calories.

o    Exercise: Walk at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. It will burn 125 calories.

3.    Watch your portions:

Even though you prefer not counting calories for any reason, the portion control tips can help you reduce you calorie intake with very little effort. It’s so easy to undercount calories when an over-sized food portion is the rule. These tips will help you recognize how much a portion is supposed to be:

o    A tennis ball is the equivalent of one cup.

o    Don’t serve yourself from the container. Do it to a small plate to avoid mindless overeating.

o    Reduce appetite by eating raw vegetables. Your hunger will be less and therefore, you will also eat less.

In order to succeed in any rapid fat loss effort, calorie counting is a very effective tool, and you should try to use it every time you decide to eat. Think before you eat!