April 14, 2014

Alternate Sources of Protein for Rapid Fat Loss

You are made of proteins. And you need proteins in order to make your muscles grow and repair these muscles. Protein is necessary for the success of any rapid fat loss effort. Talk about proteins and the first think you think of is meat, chicken and fish. But protein is also available from other sources, and you should consider them in your meal plans. These are:

·         Eggs: You must eat the whole egg, not just the white. Its yolk has the highest concentration of proteins and vitamins, and makes eggs delicious too.

·         Shrimp: Grill or suted, not fried, a great source of proteins.

·         Salmon: A delicious fatty fish with great amounts of protein and Omega 3.

·         Greek Yogurt. With the double protein as compared to regular yogurt, plain with some stevia is delicious. It’s packed full with probiotics, important for a healthy digestive system.

·         Ground turkey,

·         Pork, just as lean as chicken, but cut off the fatty edge.

·         Chicken Sausage, with less fat than a regular pork sausage.

·         Beans, it’s the cheapest source of excellent proteins available. It is has a low glycemic index, full with fiber.

·         Bison, the taste of beef, also packed with proteins.

·         Organic Beef, it’s rich in CLA, a special fat that helps rapid fat loss. It’s delicious too.

If you are serious on boosting your rapid fat loss efforts, combine these foods with some workout.