Published on May 5, 2014

Did you know Diet Soda Can Make You Fat?

It is known to all of us that sodas mix an awful amount of chemicals and are sold with no restriction. You don’t have to be too smart to deduct that these cocktails made with artificial sweeteners are not better either. And if you are expecting fat loss from drinking this stuff, it will not happen. This is why.

Diet soda is not healthy. Those trying to achieve rapid fat loss shouldn’t be surprised that even though these drinks use 0 calorie sweeteners, studies confirm that most people drinking these sodas don’t lose weight. Others even gain weight. The problem might not lay in the sweetener.

Sugar sweetened sodas are bad, and light sodas are worse. But why?

The answer can be understood by the hormonal response of your body. Sweeteners, -natural or artificial-, cheat hormonal response by increasing fat storing hormone production which increases cravings. Said simply, makes you hungrier. What you are doing is stimulating hunger unnecessarily. If you are seeking rapid fat loss, this is not what you want to do to yourself.

What really happens is that you cheat your body by consuming something sweet, but you don’t ingest the calories it is supposed to have and your body expects. Your body will respond raising insulin levels to process the sugars that will not be found. High insulin levels will than make you need sugar (called sugar crash, when you feel you need something sweet to feel better) making you hungry, and triggering yourself to deposit fat.

But there is something more related to behavior. Those who consume low calorie stuff THINK this will allow them to eat more, consuming more calories overall.

The conclusion is simple: If you are serious about rapid fat loss, avoid any soda, regular or light! Or at least reduce their consumption to a minimum.

What to do instead?

Whenever you feel thirsty or hungry, first and always try drinking water. If you still feel you need something else, a different flavor, try different choices of tea, sweetened with stevia.