Published  May 12, 2014

Fighting obesity: Understanding different kinds of fat.

We are aware that we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Losing and maintaining weight is a never ending story, but there is a fact that will never change: You can reduce the size of fat cells, but you will never be able to reduce the number of them. This is why crash diets will never be sustainable in time. A couple of cheat meals and the fat will be back in place. But this is what you can do about it.

When seeking rapid fat loss, white colored foods (refined) are criticized in every possible way. We are taught to eat healthy stuff by choosing the brown foods; brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta, brown sugar.

But did you know about brown fat? The human body has two kinds of fat tissue, the white and the brown fat. So what does this have to do with rapid fat loss?


White fat stores excess calories usually around the waist gaining weight. Brown fat is a calorie burner and helps burn those calories stored in white fat. The brown color is due to its rich supply of blood capillaries and mitochondria (the cell’s organelle that burn calories). Adults usually retain brown fat in the neck, underarms, around shoulders and between ribs. This explains why fat normally doesn´t accumulate there.

Please consider the following information on how to take advantage of brown fat:

a.- High calorie diets, extreme low calorie diets and too much exercising can make white fat more stubborn and slow down the fat burning activity of brown fat. Get this: Just fifty grams of active brown fat can melt away (burn) twenty per cent (200 kcals) of our daily calorie intake. Lean people have shown to have more brown fat and that is why they maintain their body weight with little effort, no matter how much they eat. Every time you crash diet, you’re giving extra strength your white fat. Avoid this!


b.- Exercises increase muscle mass. Physical activity releases irisin, a hormone that helps make white fat turn into brown fat. The increase in muscle mass is a clear indicator that brown fat is being activated. For rapid fat loss, exercise yourself! Don’t leave fat loss to diet only.

c.- Don’t cut out fat entirely. A total exclusion of fat in your daily intake will just slow the breakdown of white fat. The American Heart Association advises that a 1,200 calorie healthy diet plan should contain at least 25-35 per cent of daily calories from dietary fat. The weight-loss secret is to consume at least 300 calories per day from those fats which nourish the brown fat.

Here are some guidelines for a daily intake:


·         Cooking oil or Sunflower oil 10 gms (2 tsp ) 90 Kcal 10grs

·         Olive oil 10 gms (2 tsp) 90 Kcal 10grs of fat

·         Raw Almonds (8 pieces) 56Kcal 4grs of fat

·         Dark chocolate (2 kisses) 56Kcal 4grs of fat

·         Raw Walnut halves (6 halves) 75 Kcal, 7grs of fat

·         Dark chocolate (1 square) 75Kcal 7grs of fat


d.- Brown fat can avoid diabetes.

Excess of glucose in blood can be absorbed into the brown fat as triglycerides. This means less influence of insulin. Then fat can be burnt later. Those with more brown fat have better control over their glucose levels in blood. On the other hand, white fat lead to insulin resistance, which can also lead to diabetes.

e.- Brown fat will burn calories even after workout. Even a cold shower after exercise will stimulate brown fat to burn calories by producing heat and trying to maintain body temperature. Swimming twice a week can do the job. You can always end your shower using cold water for a minute, two or three times a day.

Fighting obesity is an important concern to mankind. Rapid fat loss is your goal. A healthy diet and exercise regimen will change the composition of our body fat. So eat right, workout a bit and keep obesity far away from you!