Published May 26, 2014

Do Not  Peel An Apple!

Why is an apple a healthy snack? What makes it really healthy? What does this have to do with rapid fat loss?

An apple is a great choice of healthy snack because it is as easy to eat as compared to any unhealthy snack you might have at home. All it needs is to be washed and eaten, but DO NOT PEEL IT PLEASE.

Why is this?


  • Apple skin carries most of the fruits fiber. A medium sized apple with its skin has 4,5 grams of natural fiber, as compared with less than half without its skin. Without skin, the apple will have only 2.2 grams of fiber, which is under the 3 grams that qualify it as a “good source of fiber”. Peeling off the skin will cut off the fiber that lowers it glycemyc index, making it a fruit that will make you hungry soon after eating it. And this will go against any rapid fat loss effort.
  • It also contains most of its vitamin C and Vitamin A. Peeling the skin off will make you lose 25 percent of a free source of those nutrients.
  • It is proved that the skin contains quercetin, a compound that eases breathing problems. This is true for those who have at least 5 apples per week.
  • The before mentioned antioxidant also seems to fight off tissue damage in the brain, related to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • A study from Cornell University around 2007 indicate some  compounds called triterpenoids, also present in the skin of apples "that either inhibit or kill cancer cells in laboratory cultures". In this case, those targeted human liver, colon and breast cancer cells, according to the author.
  • The skin also contains ursolic acid, known to be related to obesity fighting. Data reveals that it is involved in increasing brown fat (the good type) and muscle, the type that burns fat in healthy people.

So, for any rapid fat loss effort you are involved in, apples will be healthy snack, but don’t peel off its skin.