Published June 23, 2014

Optimizing fat loss workouts.

Are you one of those who never have enough time for anything else but what you usually do? Are you starting a rapid fat loss effort, and just don’t find time to work out?

Just putting together your bag and driving to a gym before you start doing something is very time consuming. Then the workout itself. With certain strategies, you can short cut your workout time and boost any rapid fat loss effort successfully. These suggestions will help you finish a good workout in forty five minutes or less.  

Time-Saving Workout Tips

1.- Superset exercises: By doing two different exercises immediately one after the other, you save time and increase intensity. With high intensity workout, rapid fat loss is possible by burning more calories. Working on different muscle groups, one group will recover while the other one is working.

2.- Shorten rest periods: Any gym is full of distractions, a TV, cell phones, and friends to talk to. During your workout, avoid these distractions, and try to count your resting seconds. The recovery time depends on the performed exercise. Once determined, stick to it.

3.- Move while resting: Resting doesn’t mean sitting down and wait doing nothing. Your rest time between sets could be used in stretching or foam rolling. These activities, usually neglected, can be done frequently if you have the space to do it.

4.- Try HIIT (high-intensity interval training.) This kind of training has gym goers working for 20 seconds and resting 10 seconds. This routine is extremely effective and time saving. To do this kind of training, begin by short and intense bursts of cardio exercises. Keep this high intensity pace for twenty or thirty seconds, and recover the same time with low intensity. Do this 3 or 4 times or until you become comfortable with this routine. 

5.- Plan your workout before beginning: From the list of distractions in any gym, the one that wastes more time is not knowing what to do next. Have your workout written on a paper or on your smart phone, including the order you will perform them. Have any additional required equipment handy.

6.- Have a Plan B prepared: During busy hours, it is possible that the machine you wish to use is not available. Instead of just waiting, have an alternate exercise to do, or change your planned order. The goal is to keep on going rather than waiting.  

7.- Avoid too much technology: Music can be a great companion for workouts, but certain electronic devices can be a major distraction. Avoid carrying tablets or smart phones; better just have a watch and an ipod, with no internet access.  

Lack of time is not an excuse to achieve your rapid fat loss goals. Optimizing your time just requires some additional planning.