July 6, 2014

Some Diet Mistakes And How To Fight Them.

Do not let these common mistakes sabotage your rapid fat loss effort. Learn how to identify them and do something about them.

There are certain mistakes that can ruin your success and sabotage all you have done. Do not let these happen to you!

1.- Overeating when not eating at home. Eating at restaurants or at a friend´s house is always a risk for your portion control. Restaurant portions are usually big, so don’t be afraid of asking for a to-go box. When you are in a friend’s house, it’s important to let your host know you are not willing to overeat. Serve yourself or make sure your host doesn’t over-serve you.

2.- Ignoring labels: Understand the serving size written in those labels is mandatory, because you might not be aware of how the serving size compares to the whole package size.

3. - Eating fast: It is known to everyone that there is a certain time (20 minutes) it takes for the satiation signal to reach your brain. If you eat too fast, you will overeat. Chew your food at least 20 times. Put your fork on your plate after each mouthful. Use your left hand if you are right handed.

4.- Denying the food you like. Denying the food you like sets you up for temptation. Any rapid fat loss effort must be a pleasant one, so you must have a reward meal once in a while.   

5.- Don’t feel guilty when you indulge. Guilt can send you back in your rapid fat loss effort if you take it too seriously. Try to avoid any mistake, but if it happens, remember that most of the time you are eating only healthy choices.

6.- Taking the scale numbers  too seriously. Your fat loss effort success cannot depend on what your scale “tells you”. Your daily weight depends on many factors and your best goal should be comparing averages from one week to the next one. Even better, your goals should be different, like for example reducing the amount of sodas you drink, or how many veggies you had during the week.

7.- Diet with no workout. Fat loss is boosted by exercising. Even though by calorie counting you can lose as much as you want, exercise will boost those results and make you feel and look better.

8.- Emotional eating:  As an answer to stress, sadness or boredom, eating like this is the perfect diet disaster. We learned to associate food with wellbeing, and that has to stop. Find something else to do that can distract those feelings.

9.- Thinking of diet as so and not a habit. The word “Diet” sounds restrictive, so you will get tired of it in three months or less. A healthy lifestyle is something you can live with for a very long time.

10.- Letting one mistake be the excuse for the next one. If you make a mistake, admit it, avoid it and get back on track immediately.

Now that you know what attitudes can sabotage your rapid fat loss efforts, be aware of them and avoid them.