August 11, 2014

Are your sugar cravings sabotaging your rapid fat loss efforts?

Don’t try to deny it. Sugary foods are delicious, and in excess don’t conduce to a healthy lifestyle. Sugar is addictive too. But you can change that!

Problems due to excessive sugar consumption are numerous. It is your first enemy against rapid fat loss goals. Once you consume sugar, when it is not burned, it goes straight to storage as fat. What is worse, sugar is an important ingredient in low fat and fat free foods, to make them taste better.

Sugar also alters blood glucose levels, messing up your energy levels during the day, and making you eat due to a hunger spike. Too much sugar can help develop diabetes. It is proved to be involved in certain kinds of cancer. And the worst part is that it is of no nutritional value. A total waste! Sugar in its raw form comes from sugar cane, which has vitamins and nutrients, but all the good stuff is stripped when refined into white table sugar. 

How to get rid of it:

Ditching sugar is a hard task, since it is addictive. Studies show that brain reacts to it pretty much as it reacts to some drugs. It usually takes two or three weeks to beat the sugar cravings, but you can still enjoy natural sweetness of fruits and other foods that have natural sugars. The goal is simply to avoid foods with added sugar.

Here are some tricks to ditch sugar cravings, and succeed in your rapid fat loss efforts:

Read labels: As mentioned before, read the labels of fat free and low fat products. Try to find added sugars and reject those.

Reduce sauces and dressings. To improve flavor, most sauces and dressings have added sugar. Again watch labels closely.

Go for Full-Fat Dairy: Even though this advice may sound a bit counter intuitive, use full fat dairy products. These products usually carry no added sugar; they are more filling and satisfying and therefore will help avoid cravings.

Don’t drink fruit juice, eat whole fruits: processed juices usually have added sugar; if you make it at home, you will also reduce its fiber. Fiber is a key ingredient that makes you fell full for a longer time, and hence, helps your rapid fat loss efforts.

Eat the right fats:  Not all fats make you fat. Healthy fats are extremely important in a healthy diet, especially when trying to reduce sugar consumption. Healthy fats can be found in olive oil, avocadoes, almonds and other whole grains. These will help you feel full, reducing cravings. These fats also boost metabolism, and burn more fat.

Go unprocessed:  By considering whole ingredients that are always rich in vitamins and minerals, your body gets the nutrients it needs and it will reduce the feeling of needing sugar. Eat a lot of vegetables, add flavor with species and herbs. Drink a glass of water when you start feeling hungry. You can easily confuse hunger with thirst.

Patience: Even though you will achieve great results after the third week, it takes a couple of months to completely change those old habits. Stay committed and enjoy your success to its fullest. Your whole life will be better!

No rapid fat loss effort will succeed if you don’t reduce the amount of sugar you eat.