August 25, 2014

Cravings: Rapid Fat Loss Worst Enemy!

There is nothing worst against any rapid fat loss effort than craving. No matter if sweet, salty or fatty, these can sabotage any effort you put into weight loss.

Every once in a while (say every day) you have these moments when you need something to eat, especially sweet stuff. These uncontrolled cravings destroy your rapid fat loss goals. If you need to have some “in-between- meal” snack, why don’t you try this to control it?

Sleep enough:  Lack of sleep makes you hungry during the day, and leads to cravings too. Sleeping enough can reduce cravings considerably.

Eat a fulfilling healthy breakfast. Craving is a natural consequence of sugar spikes and lows that can be controlled if you eat properly immediately after waking up (no late breakfast please!). A good breakfast with plenty of proteins and fiber will control hunger during the day reducing cravings. A scrambled egg on whole-wheat bread or a turkey sandwich is a good choice

Avoid Hunger:  Review your diet plan that will work better for you. Maybe smaller frequent meals during the day, or ingredients with lot of fiber can help you reduce hunger hence eat less.  

Plan Eating Schedules:  Eating at the same times every day will help control hunger and cravings.

Crave on the right foods: Choose 100 calorie healthy snacks to control hunger and eliminate cravings. Raw carrots or Almonds, are good choices.

Make unhealthy foods unavailable to you. No matter how much you like M&M´s, keep them far away from you. This way you avoid temptation. Keep healthier choices at hand.

Log what you eat. This will not literally stop cravings, but you will be able to know if you are eating too much, and when the cravings happen. You will be able to plan in advance to avoid its consequences.

Craving Triggers: Emotional eating is your enemy. Try to identify its triggers and figure out a way to avoid them; cravings will then be reduced.    

Vary your intake: Research different choices of healthy foods so you don’t get tired of the same diet all the time. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean it can’t be satisfying.


Craving is the worst enemy of any rapid fat loss effort. You have to find out the best way for you to avoid it to enjoy you weight loss journey!