Published Dec 4, 2013

The Psychological Approach to Rapid Fat Loss #11:  Understanding your Scale.

There are many ways of monitoring weight loss using a simple home scale. But the scale can lie! There are different approaches to control your weight, but each have certain considerations in order to be accurate and reliable.

The most important aspect of weighing yourself is that it has to be done always under the same conditions:

·        The scale: It should be the same one all the time. No matter if it is professional equipment or your home scale, be sure that you use the same one for all your measurements. The precision of the scale is not so important. Remember you are monitoring progress and not the exact value of the weight. And make sure its working properly!

·        Yourself: You must use the same clothing all the time. It doesn’t really matter how much your clothing weigh. What you must consider is the progress of your weight loss, and again, not your exact weight.

·        Conditions: Try to weigh yourself in the same moment of the day. It could be when you wake up; after working out, after breakfast, whenever. Just make sure you log your weight at the same time every time.

Under these conditions, you might want to discuss the frequency you want to monitor your weight.

Some authors consider that weighing should be done once a week. I disagree. Body weight depends on what you ate the night before, how much salt there is in your body, how much water your body is storing. So a single reading per week could be easily misleading and even worse, frustrating. I suggest weighing yourself every day under previous mentioned conditions. Then once a week you average all your numbers. That is, add all the measurements and divide it by the amount of measurements you took. For example, I measured myself like this: Monday 232 lb, Tuesday 231 lb, Wednesday 232 lb, Thursday 231 lb and Friday 230 lb; Saturday and Sunday no measurement. Adding all these is 1156. Then divide it by 5 and the average for the week is 231.2 lb. You may compare this number with your last week´s average, and you will get reliable weight loss (or gain) information.  Only then you know if you are on the right track.

I recommend you lose not more than 1 to 2 lbs per week; more than 2 lbs per week is achievable but not recommended, less than 1 lb per week needs a little extra effort. If your weight loss is slow but continuous, ¿what is so bad about it?  If your goal is an easy one, enjoy your weight loss project with no anxiety!

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