Published Jan 21, 2014

The Psychological Approach to Rapid Fat Loss# 13: Why Eat Slowly.

Researchers fed a group of people with pasta. Half were told to eat slowly and the other half to eat quickly. The slow-eaters felt full, eating less; the fast eaters did not feel satisfied even though they ate more.

This is only one of a series of suggestions that can help you set a mental attitude towards fat loss. A quick fat loss success depends not only on what you eat and how you exercise; but also your overall attitude to the way you see food and eating as part of your daily life habits.

One of the aspects I wish to discuss is how fast (or slow) you eat. It is scientifically proven that that the brain processes the sensation of satiety only 20 minutes after starting to eat. No matter how much or little you eat in this timeframe, the pleasant feeling of satisfaction will come delayed.

Then, you may ask, ¿Why not take advantage from this opportunity? All there is to do is to eat very slowly during those 20 minutes; and only after that you may decide when to stop.

So, if you are very hungry, (something to be avoided in any weight loss program), how can you slow down your eating in these critical 20 minutes? Here are a couple of tips that may help:

·        First, before starting to eat, drink a big glass of water. You will feel less hungry immediately!

·        Second, chew your food slowly. Whatever it is, try to chew it about 20 times per mouthful. You could also set your utensils aside while chewing on your food. This will add some extra time between each bite. Not only it will you make your eating slower, but also easier to digest, and feel better.

·        Third, if you are right handed, try to use your left hand to feed yourself. (The opposite is also true.) This way, you will get your food into your mouth slowly, and in smaller portions too.

·        Avoid watching TV, reading or doing any work while you are eating. This will only distract you from concentrating on the habits you have to be aware of during your meal, which will lead you to eat faster, and swallow without chewing properly.

·        Try to eat about 5 times a day instead of only three or less. By this you will assure not being too hungry on any meal, and to be able to eat slowly too.

If you make these tips a daily habit, and for all your meals, be assured you will eat much less, feel full faster, lose weight faster, and feel much better after meals.

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