The Psychological Approach to Rapid Fat Loss# 15: Environment may jeopardize you weight loss efforts.

Published Jan 3, 2014

Package size of the food you eat; Light in the environment; people who you share your meals are just a few examples of environmental factors that can influence the amount of food you eat. It’s up to you to control these factors in order to avoid eating more than necesssary.

Even though people are convinced that environmental factors don’t affect them, this is not true. There are certain levels of influence that we aren’t able to monitor, simply because we aren’t aware.

For example, your eating companion will have a strong influence on the amount of food you might eat. If he likes to clean his plate, you may likely do the same. If he orders a dessert, you might also do the same.  The enjoyment of his or your company distracts any effort to monitor consumption.

Holidays will most likely encourage eating too much, because it involves long duration meals, avoiding leftovers, friends and company and all sorts of distractions. Presentation of food (size, shape, stockpiles) will also distract any effort to control consumption.

Another consideration is why people start and stop eating. Aside from hunger, some eat because they just see food; others because they want to be with people who are eating; other because it provided something to do (like while watching TV). Stopping could depend on others too; you stop when everybody stops; or when the TV show is over; or because they ran out of food; or they finished their reading.

Environment, such as temperature, noise, odor and light can also influence the amount of food you can eat. Temperature, for example, will make you eat more when it’s cold, for the body to be able regulate its core temperature. When it’s hot, more liquid will be necessary. You must choose - low (or none) calorie drinks. Proper lighting increases comfort; and the pleasure of eating longer. Odors can enhance or suppress food consumption. Pleasant music encourages longer meals, higher consumption of food and beverage.

The conclusion is simple, if you are into a rapid fat loss effort, try to avoid environments that encourage eating more. Try to eat alone if you can. Avoid social eating. Have your social activities in a non food environment.

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