Published March 10, 2014 

Rachel Frederickson May Have Gone Too Far

"Biggest Loser" winner Rachel Frederickson lost 60% of her original body weight. She considers this too rapid fat loss, just too fast. This is what could go wrong:

The excitement of winning a contest made her combine a very low calorie diet of 1600 per day, plus six hours of workout every day, for 3 months.  

That amount of calories per day is fine when trying a rapid fat loss diet only, but it will never be enough for a heavy regime of exercising. This calorie intake is fine when you perform two and a half hours of exercise PER WEEK, but not enough for SIX HOURS A DAY! Something could go terribly wrong.

It’s so important to understand that extremely rapid fat loss can lead to muscle mass loss and  loss of bone mass too. From muscle and bone is where the body ultimately will obtain the excess of energy required for a six hour daily workout. But that is not all. The burned fat that the body has to get rid of has to leave via bloodstream, filtered out through the kidneys and out through urine. That pace of fat loss can risk the kidneys normal function, into irreversible damage. 

The goal should be slow and permanent fat loss. A healthy suggestion is 1% of your body weight per week. It is a slow and healthy pace with zero risk guaranteed for kidney and liver health. Sometimes rapid fat loss is not a good idea. Make it slow and sustainable.