Published March 17, 2014

Don’t let food cravings spoil your Rapid Fat Loss Effort.

No matter how much you think about it, a good box of chocolate cookies really makes you feel well after a rough day. But after that, you will feel even worse. You just spoiled a successful rapid fat loss regime! But this happens all the time, but why does this happen again and again?

This story is familiar to anybody who suffers from emotional eating, related to stress or boredom. Research has been done in order to understand why people need these comfort foods when feeling like that. The research was based on how mood (negative, positive and neutral) affects food choice. The conclusion showed that bad mood, (created by having the subject read a sad story, or writing something that made them sad) made people indulge with unhealthy snacks. It’s no surprise. When you are upset you really want to eat something that tastes really good. The same research showed that people in a good mood choose healthier food.  

Research also showed that when in bad mood, thinking about something good in the future made subjects decide upon healthier choices.

Dieting is frequently described as a struggle between your present (bad) and your future (good).  A promising future, a positive goal not necessarily related to health or food could be considered an effective way to motivate you to make healthier food decisions.  A good motivation to eat the right foods is not to think too much about yourself in the future, but something that you can be excited about, a project, a new job, a new house, a new sport or hobby. Research showed that happy people ate 78% healthier choices than any other group.

Dietitians suggest that you should try to discover the origin of negative emotions, try to understand them and find a way of reducing its impact in daily mood. Then eat healthier could prove to be less of a struggle.

Don’t let your rapid fat loss get spoiled by a negative emotion. Think about something nice, and choose a healthy snack!