How to apply to FLIF´s “Double Money Back Guarantee"

Three steps are required to get your money back if any porgram doesn´t meet or exceed your expectations! (ADDITIONALLY to vendors 100% money back guarantee) 

a) Please submit the FIRST TIME form. For easy access it can be found in the "DOUBLE MONEY BACK POLICY" at the main menu. In this form you will be asked to share your present physical conditions and what you expect from the programThis must be submitted in the first fifteen (15) days after the purchase any of´s featured products. A purchase proof will also be required. You can access it now by clicking here or on the icon below.

First time registration

b) In order to monitor you success, or understand exactly what is not working properly for you, please submit, once a week, the UPDATE form by the end of each week. For easy access it can be found in the "DOUBLE MONEY BACK POLICY" at the main menu. Please take special care in writing any comment you would like to share related to the program and your progress. You can access it now by clicking here or on the icon below.

 Updating users

c) The last step to apply to FLIF´s “Double Money Back Guarantee” is a brief letter explaining why you are not satisfied with the program, and what you would have expected. Even after we reimburse your investment, we will still do our best to help you find the right program which fits your lifestyle in order to achieve your goals. You will be reimbursed in no more than 5 working days after receiving the requested information. Send it through the CONTACT US tab in the main menu. You can access it now by clicking here.

Please remember that in,  your success is also ours, and we will not let you leave without your goals reached!